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Sustainable Fitness Of The Future

May 25, 2022

It is in the best interest of everyone on earth to be environmentally aware. Make your fitness business more environmentally friendly and you will appeal to a passionate and loyal customer base while reducing your expenses and cutting your business’s negative environmental impact.

Global warming is a monumental and complex issue and it’s easy to believe it might be relevant only to huge corporations. But there are a number of ways in which the leisure industry can help with the green revolution.

Orbit4 is the first and only digital gym equipment service that manages the entire life cycle of your product. Saving you time and money while minimising the negative effect on our planet.

It all began 6 years ago when British entrepreneur, Daniel Jones, grew increasingly aware of the waste of second-hand gym equipment. He came up with a way to both reduce the amount of perfectly good used gym equipment going to land-fill and helping gyms maintain the residual value on their old equipment.

This led to the birth of WeBuyGymEquipment in 2015. It is now the world’s largest gym equipment bidding platform. We feel fortunate to be in a leisure business that is still growing and recruiting in the face of a global pandemic.

CEO, Daniel Jones, says Orbit4 is such a success because it gives the best value at every stage:

“A reduced carbon footprint due to lower road and air miles has also helped keep costs down for both buyers and sellers.”

“We offer a solution and service that is eco-friendly. We are recycling and reusing products by trading in unwanted gym equipment and extending the life cycle.”

“ Increase profitability, go digital, reduce your carbon footprint and transform the way you manage your fitness asset.“

In addition, the platform facilitates remote trading, meaning less hassle, less travel to needless meetings, and reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

In essence, our core message is about getting the best value for used equipment, demonstrating the true benefits of digital transformation within the industry.

Small business owners may worry that their environmental efforts don’t matter but small changes can be very important. It will not only feel good to make a difference, but a commitment to being eco-friendly will make your business greener while helping your business’s reputation.

Research shows 37% of consumers are seeking out and willing to pay up to 5% more for environmentally friendly products.

Applying sustainable business practice not only has a positive social and environmental impact but makes great business sense for everyone involved. This is exactly what Orbit4 is achieving – an ecosystem of digital platforms that enhance the commercial fitness product journey.

“It’s a no-brainer. It’s better for people, better for profit and better for the planet.”

  • The Orbit4 Journey Starts With FitnessCompared
  • Next In The Eco-System Is FitnessFinance
  • Then We Have WeServiceGymEquipment
  • WeBuyGymEquipment Completes The Orbit4 Lifecycle!

Here Are Some Ways To Make Your Business Greener:

1. Conserve water

This is one way that can save money and help the environment. Fixing leaky taps will prevent gallons of water running to waste. Ask a plumbing expert for advice on how to reduce your water footprint. Also, investigate options such as eco-friendly water systems to stop unnecessary wastage.

2. Use green cleaning products

The chemicals in most cleaning products can have harmful implications for the environment and your health, so where possible, switch these for non-toxic products. This will protect your skin from harmful ingredients, and stop you from breathing these in.

3. Ride a bike to work or start a carpool

Riding a bicycle to work has a myriad of benefits, including improved cognitive function, better sleep, improved vascular health, and more. This will cause a reduction in pollution, as well as your travel expenses. If your commute is far, try creating a carpool with people going to the same place or the same way. If you haven’t already got a physical location for your business, access via cycling should be a consideration before you move. Established companies could create ‘Leave the Car at Home’ days every week to encourage staff to pursue healthier and more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

4. Plant shrubs and trees

Trees and shrubs are a vital part of the ecosystem, and help to act as filters for pollution. They can also make your business appear far more attractive, and the upkeep of these won’t be too much effort other than occasional watering in dry weather and pruning. They produce oxygen, improving the air quality that is essential for you and your employees. Shade from trees may also help to cool down your office from summer sun, creating a cooler office space.

5. Recycling

Providing bins for recycling is another super simple way to make your company greener. Once clear bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic are created, people will easily get into the habit of using them. Since many households now have to separate rubbish, people will most likely already be used to this concept. Lead by example and your staff will be recycling in no time.

6. Use alternative energy sources for power

Consider alternative sources of energy such as solar power, wind power, and water power which avoid releasing toxins into the atmosphere. These will help the environment and reduce your energy bills.

7. Replace old appliances with energy efficient ones

Most new electronic items have energy star ratings on them to show their efficiency. The next time your appliances need replacing, do an energy check on items to see which are most beneficial in terms of low energy usage. Always compare each product with competitors.

8. Source goods and services from sustainable suppliers

Green procurement will transform your carbon footprint as a business. This not only makes your company greener, but depending on where you source from can help to foster collaboration with local suppliers. This effectively means sourcing goods and services that are produced in a sustainable way. This could include goods that are non-toxic, recyclable, or made from renewable materials. Consider creating your own procurement policy that commits to some of your company’s ideals which might include reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy and water, and using renewable energy sources. See if you can create a business community based on these goals and ideals with potential suppliers.

9. Recycle electronics

A lot of electronic items end up in landfills. If you replace electronic items, do some research into how these can be recycled. These might be used by schools, charities, or recycled by a manufacturer via their own programme. Electronic retailers also may have recycling programmes that you can utilise, especially if your items are not more than five years old. Be sure to remove all data from your devices before recycling them.

10. Use sustainable/reusable/biodegradable materials in catering

Disposable ware, such as plastic straws, is seriously detrimental to the environment whereas there are many other environmentally less damaging items you could use.

Visit www.orbit4.org or contact [email protected] to find out how you can instantly connect to your incumbent service provider to submit service tickets via the Orbit4 iOS and Android smartphone apps along with a load of other smart features that you can only get with Orbit4.

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