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The Top 5 Ways Orbit4 Can Save You Time And Automate Your Gym

December 3, 2022

Gym operators have been forced to look at their budgets to survive. The simplest way to make savings without making cuts is to use Fit-Tech that does the maths for you. The best fit-tech is Orbit4 and here’s why; the collated data that Orbit4 delivers can pin-point the right time to buy new product, sell old, unwanted product and specifically prescribe the right service contracts by product category.

CEO of Orbit4, Daniel Jones, understands that businesses want to make serious savings without cutting quality for their customers.

“The gyms that get ahead are those already analysing true cost of ownership of their assets so they can make informed decisions. Predicting the right time to refurbish your facility isn’t easy and data hasn’t always been at the core of that important decision – until now!”

The Top 5 Ways Orbit4 Can Save You Time And Automate Your Gym_ “Being smarter and making decisions using data is 100% the right approach. There are many benefits of Orbit4 and it isn’t just about saving some money. It’s about better due diligence, streamlining operations and changing the mindset of longer-term procurement processes.”

But That’s Not The Half Of It.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways Orbit4 Will Save You Money And Time:

  1. Here’s a secret that’s a little shocking – most gyms don’t track ‘cost of ownership’. That is absolutely incredible when you consider it’s their most expensive asset. Orbit4 tracks the cost of ownership for you while making your operations more efficient. It even makes your club more profitable.

  2. It’s the first digital ecosystem that fully automates the entire commercial fitness equipment journey. For the first time ever, gym operators can use the bespoke asset management system that also automates the procurement process – all data-driven from historic asset behaviour.

  3. When products reach the best time to trade-in and buy new, the connected ecosystem auto-populates each quadrant within the dashboard with real-time quotations from suppliers, service providers and traders.

  4. This smart, data-driven tech is saving gyms thousands, plus hours of early-stage procurement every year for the industry. Just like the car market, people like to know the value of the assets, so they know what money they have for their next purchase or perhaps budget for other internal improvements like new flooring and decoration for the gym.

  5. Within the Orbit4 platform, the WeBuyGymEquipment quadrant does exactly this – it provides an accurate residual value of the gyms existing assets at any time during the asset cycle so that gym owners have full visibility of the current market value of the existing assets. This enables them to compared the current value of asset versus the forthcoming cost to service and maintain versus the price to buy new, either via capital purchase or monthly leasing cost. As a result the premium Orbit4 dashboard gives you immediate access to live quotations for service contracts and new equipment, finance options and the residual value. The cost of Orbit4 starts from £45.00 per month. With estimated savings of over £24,500.00 over a five year period for the average size gym. More for bigger gyms!

Visit www.orbit4.org or contact [email protected] to find out how you can instantly connect to your incumbent service provider to submit service tickets via the Orbit4 iOS and Android smartphone apps along with a load of other smart features that you can only get with Orbit4.

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