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Turning the commercial fitness asset journey on its head! It's about time.

Our dedicated service allows you to manage your commercial fitness asset at site level for procurement, finance, servicing, asset management and disposal.

Orbit4 Premium is a dedicated service that automatically manages your commercial fitness asset journey. Our platforms offer your club: renewal quotations for new product, finance and extended service contracts at the right time of the products life. In addition, the platform updates the live residual value of your current asset so you know the true value at any given time.

At a click of a button, you can trade-out your old equipment at true market value, renew your equipment with your chosen supplier or extend the service period with the new service provider. The choice is yours and you have the data that allows you to make this informed decision at the right time.

In addition, Orbit4 offers you a dedicated account manager so that you have someone by your side if you require impartial advice during your time with the Premium package. Fitness product trends are ever changing and our expert team are here to help guide you to create the best fitness space you can imagine for your members.

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Why Join Orbit4 Premium?

In today's fast moving world, gym operators are becoming more distracted from the key goal of offering the best fitness experience for their members.

Orbit4 Premium is the ideal solution that streamlines many processes that are currently manually managed by gym owners, fitness instructors, fitness managers, operations and facilities managers. The premium offering truly minimises manual effort including the often lengthy process of gym equipment procurement.

During the life cycle of your gym equipment, hundreds of hours are dedicated to the procurement process, finance process, finding new service providers, finding a used equipment trader to buy your unwanted equipment… and then the process starts all over again!

Imagine if you had 20, 30… 100 gyms… the time you'll save in man-hours not to mention the incremental gains you achieve from every transaction via FitnessCompared, FitnessFinance, WeServiceGymEquipment and WeBuyGymEquipment.

Screenshot showing the Club Admin Dashboard

Join Orbit4 Premium today and transform the way you manage your commercial fitness equipment.

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