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World Earth Day 2023

April 21, 2023

Planet and Profit go together at Orbit4!

Did you know that in some parts of the world unwanted fitness equipment gets chucked in the sea when it reaches a certain age?

Thankfully it doesnโ€™t happen all that often now and we are proud that we are part of the reason for that.

It not only feels good to make a difference, but 58% of customers are more likely to return if they know you have an environmentally friendly approach.

This research comes from the Natural Marketing Institute, who also cite that people are willing to spend up to 20% more on products and services that are mindful about the environment.

Global warming is a monumental and complex issue and itโ€™s easy to believe it might be relevant only to huge corporations. But there are many simple ways in which the fitness industry can help with the green revolution.

We are a paper-free business, and all of our staff work remotely, reducing travel pollution. It may not save the world, but we are doing our bit.

Orbit4 is the first and only asset management solution that manages the entire life cycle of fitness equipment. Our software provides many benefits while minimizing the amount of fitness equipment that goes into the sea or landfill.

CEO, Daniel Jones, says Orbit4 is such a success because it gives the best outcome for planet and people:

โ€œWe offer a solution and service that really does contribute to the important topic of global warming and the future of our planet. We are promoting product lifetime management (PLM), recycling and reusing products by trading in unwanted gym equipment and extending the life cycle via our global bidding platform for used gym equipment. WeBuyGymEquipment is now the worldโ€™s largest commercial gym equipment bidding platform.

Increase profitability, go digital, reduce your carbon footprint, and transform the way you manage your fitness assets.โ€œ

Our core message is about getting the best value for gym equipment, being prescriptive when considering the maintenance of your equipment and demonstrating the true benefits of owned-data about your assets so that future procurement decisions are data-centric as well as socially-driven.

Applying sustainable business practices not only has a positive social and environmental impact but makes great business sense for everyone involved.

Visit www.orbit4.org or contact [email protected] to find out how you can instantly connect to your incumbent service provider to submit service tickets via the Orbit4 iOS and Android smartphone apps along with a load of other smart features that you can only get with Orbit4.

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